Monday, December 31, 2007


This is the progress so far on the babyblues jaywalkers. They're coming right along, Heel is turned and theres just a little foot to do... I will definitely have enough yarn left to make the second sock. Yay!


So, I finished my first adult sock - its knit in sport weight so its a little thick - it basically stands on its own. But I did it, and I think it came out really well. I have to get more yarn before I can make its mate, but fortunately its in bernat satin sport which is a no dye lot yarn. I think these will be made into slippers since they're so thick.

So having finished this one I started one in some DK weight baby yarn thats coming along really well, the varigation in the yarn doesn't show well here, but I'm turning the heel and hopefully will have this sock done on new years day!

Both are the Jaywalker pattern by Grumperina from Magknits.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Not Knitting, but Christmas Cookies

Well, so its almost Christmas.... and the weather here has certainly gotten into the spirit. Even the cat thinks its cold, and no, I didn't help her get into that, she did it all by herself.

That being said, I've been baking Christmas Cookies yesterday and today, both sugar and Molasses.


Merry Christmas Everybody.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Knitting Update

So, I've been doing lots of knitting, but they've all been gifts, so not much to talk about. However, most of those are done and given. So now I can post them.

First are baby Socks, these were made for my friend's son. They were made out of Lion Brand Microspun Lime. They turned out really, really well, and hopefully they'll fit alright.

So Now I've started socks for ME! These are the Jaywalker pattern from Magknits. These are actually pretty simple to make so I'm really happy with that. They're in Bernat, Satin Sport, Marina knit on size 2 needles :-P so they're taking forever

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finished Fetching

So this morning was gray, ugly and COLD so. Fetching got finished. I'm really happy with these and they knit up FAST. I will probably be making several pair as gifts for next year. Just make a whole bunch and let people fight over what color they want.
Again, these are from the Knitty summer 2006 issue, Fetching pattern. Knit in Red Heart Carefree Cotton, Kiwi.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Way too much knitting

So today I have finished 2 hats, started and frogged part of a sock and...... 1 fingerless glove!

This is from the Knitty pattern Fetching from Summer 2006. Knit in Red Heart Carefree Cotton - A 51 cotton 49 acrylic blend. The color is technically called Kiwi, however it is not at all Kiwi colored... if my kiwi was this color I'd throw it out. But anyway its done and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! and I finished it in oh, like 5 hours. They're a little big for me, so they'll probably be going to a friend for Christmas, and I'll be making me a pair on smaller needles. Anyway, I think 3 posts in one day is probably more than sufficient so I'm going to stop knitting for today and do the other glove tomorrow

Weather and Knitting

So, when you look out the window and see this..... going anywhere is overwhelming. So what do you do.... you sit at home and KNIT!!!!!!!!!!!

So, having completed the other hat this morning, frogging the sock (I will get socks actually done one day) I completed dunce hat!

So here it is! This is a Knit 2 Purl 1 basic hat, 66 stitches cast on.

In Caron Simply Soft, Autumn Red.

Now.... Back to the socks!

the christmas hat is done!

its DONE! I'm not completely happy with it as it pulls a little across the snow flakes because apparently I knit really, really tight in fair isle knitting. All of the ends are sewn in, the pom pom is on it is absolutely CUTE!

Its knit in Lion Brand Microspun Lily White and Cherry Red.

Its a knit 2 purl 2 rib and then the pattern is a modification of the stocking pattern from the holiday issue of Interweave knits.

anyway, really, really happy with what is my first attempt at a real fair isle pattern.

Still working on socks, and exam dunce hat

Friday, December 14, 2007

Knitting is leaky

So, Knitting has managed to leak all over my house. I've pretty much gotten to the point where there is some kind of knitting in almost every room of the house. Small baskets and bags everywhere with different projects. I've got socks back on my needles and I will have new pictures to post tomorrow presuming we actually get some decent sun (70% chance of rain or something like that tomorrow, but a girl can hope). Anyway, it's 10:30 and I think its time for me to turn into a pumpkin... but I do promise more pictures tomorrow, and perhaps some anthropology discussion yet this weekend as I prepare to work on syllabuses for next semester.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sock it to me!

So, although I've been grading exams from the Intro class I'm a teaching assistant for, frustration drove me to socks. So this is my first attempt at socks. I did them on the magic loop, which caused me some problems as my instructions were for double points *whoops* So its a little misshapen, but, it is the whole sock, it is there, and this will be the only record of it as it will be frogged shortly because it is, as I said, misshapen, and its a baby/child size sock so I wouldn't feel ok giving it away. But I don't think it looks too bad, so now that i have a better idea of what I need to do to make it work right next time, there will be more socks in the near future.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Knitting during exams is very productive

So, I have discovered that knitting while giving undergrad exams is very, very productive. I started this at basically during the exam (I had the cast on done before, but thats really all). So, now theres about 2 and a half inches of knitting done on it, all in the 2 hours or so I was sitting there giving the exam, it really is about the perfect thing to do during exams because its easy to stop and start and it doesn't require so much attention that I can't look around the room and make sure that no one is cheating. The hat is a knit 1 purl 2 in Caron Simply soft Autumn Red

Just a note, there probably won't be an update for a couple of days since I'll be making up hours at work and grading the freshman exams (a painful experience) but I'm going to have to give a make up later in the week probably, so there may be some more knitting sooner rather than later.

Oh, there is a bright green sock in the works, I've made it down to the heel and its really ugly right now, but, coming along so there may be a picture of it soon

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Grass

So, I finished the hat I was knitting using the magic loop technique today. I'm calling it New Grass.

Its knitted in Caron Simply Soft Brites Limelight, and while it really doesn't show in these photos its a bright green the color of new grass in spring.

The hat is a Knit three purl two rib and it has amazing stretch to it. Perfect for Carewear. I think I'm probably going to make booties to match this one cause I love it so much!

I am totally enthralled with Magic Loop knitting, and I think it may be my new preference for items like this, it knits very very quickly and is really easy to do once you figure out that the yarn just has to keep moving clockwise around the needles.

I think socks may be being cast on soon, now that the semester is drawing to a close and I've got some more time avaliable in the evening and on the weekends to concentrate on them, and of course, the snowflake hat is still in progress, for when I need a truly mind consuming project.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my blog, this blog will focus on what I am knitting, knitting techniques I am attempting, with explanations/instructions as I come to understand them. I've only been knitting for about six months, so a lot of this is new to me and it seems there is perpetually some new skill I'm attempting or discovering. Also, this blog will include information about anthropological and archaeological topics as the whim strikes. While there are a lot of hats on here right now I have plans for both socks as well as some fingerless gloves in the near future, I mostly do smaller projects, because it enables me to pick them up and put them down easily, as well as making them transportable for knitting on the go! Feel free to leave questions and comments , I would love feedback.

Anyway, here without further ado, is what is on, and recently off my needles.

This hat is part of a bunch of hats I'm knitting as part of Carewear which I will be donating to the local hospital as soon as I get a bunch done. This one is knit using a simple twist pattern which is knitted in LionBrand Jiffy - Kitty Hawk

This hat was my first attempt at color work. Knitted in Bernat Satin - Admiral and Palm. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, so on my needles right now I have a more complicated pattern which I'm working on

This is the second attempt at color work, I'm just now getting started on the pattern, but there will be a series of 4 white snowflakes around this hat when I get it finished. This hat is being knitted in Lion Brand Microspun

This is my first attempt at magic loop knitting which I suspect may become my new favorite knitting method especially for colorwork, the snow flake hat may be moving to magic loop as soon as I have the right sized circular needles to do it with. This is a knit 2 pearl 3 hat in Caron Simply Soft Brites - Limelight.

So, I think thats all I've got going right now, keep checking back for updates and news about my knitting progress