Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Grass

So, I finished the hat I was knitting using the magic loop technique today. I'm calling it New Grass.

Its knitted in Caron Simply Soft Brites Limelight, and while it really doesn't show in these photos its a bright green the color of new grass in spring.

The hat is a Knit three purl two rib and it has amazing stretch to it. Perfect for Carewear. I think I'm probably going to make booties to match this one cause I love it so much!

I am totally enthralled with Magic Loop knitting, and I think it may be my new preference for items like this, it knits very very quickly and is really easy to do once you figure out that the yarn just has to keep moving clockwise around the needles.

I think socks may be being cast on soon, now that the semester is drawing to a close and I've got some more time avaliable in the evening and on the weekends to concentrate on them, and of course, the snowflake hat is still in progress, for when I need a truly mind consuming project.

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