Saturday, December 15, 2007

Way too much knitting

So today I have finished 2 hats, started and frogged part of a sock and...... 1 fingerless glove!

This is from the Knitty pattern Fetching from Summer 2006. Knit in Red Heart Carefree Cotton - A 51 cotton 49 acrylic blend. The color is technically called Kiwi, however it is not at all Kiwi colored... if my kiwi was this color I'd throw it out. But anyway its done and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! and I finished it in oh, like 5 hours. They're a little big for me, so they'll probably be going to a friend for Christmas, and I'll be making me a pair on smaller needles. Anyway, I think 3 posts in one day is probably more than sufficient so I'm going to stop knitting for today and do the other glove tomorrow

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