Monday, December 10, 2007

Knitting during exams is very productive

So, I have discovered that knitting while giving undergrad exams is very, very productive. I started this at basically during the exam (I had the cast on done before, but thats really all). So, now theres about 2 and a half inches of knitting done on it, all in the 2 hours or so I was sitting there giving the exam, it really is about the perfect thing to do during exams because its easy to stop and start and it doesn't require so much attention that I can't look around the room and make sure that no one is cheating. The hat is a knit 1 purl 2 in Caron Simply soft Autumn Red

Just a note, there probably won't be an update for a couple of days since I'll be making up hours at work and grading the freshman exams (a painful experience) but I'm going to have to give a make up later in the week probably, so there may be some more knitting sooner rather than later.

Oh, there is a bright green sock in the works, I've made it down to the heel and its really ugly right now, but, coming along so there may be a picture of it soon

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