Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my blog, this blog will focus on what I am knitting, knitting techniques I am attempting, with explanations/instructions as I come to understand them. I've only been knitting for about six months, so a lot of this is new to me and it seems there is perpetually some new skill I'm attempting or discovering. Also, this blog will include information about anthropological and archaeological topics as the whim strikes. While there are a lot of hats on here right now I have plans for both socks as well as some fingerless gloves in the near future, I mostly do smaller projects, because it enables me to pick them up and put them down easily, as well as making them transportable for knitting on the go! Feel free to leave questions and comments , I would love feedback.

Anyway, here without further ado, is what is on, and recently off my needles.

This hat is part of a bunch of hats I'm knitting as part of Carewear which I will be donating to the local hospital as soon as I get a bunch done. This one is knit using a simple twist pattern which is knitted in LionBrand Jiffy - Kitty Hawk

This hat was my first attempt at color work. Knitted in Bernat Satin - Admiral and Palm. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, so on my needles right now I have a more complicated pattern which I'm working on

This is the second attempt at color work, I'm just now getting started on the pattern, but there will be a series of 4 white snowflakes around this hat when I get it finished. This hat is being knitted in Lion Brand Microspun

This is my first attempt at magic loop knitting which I suspect may become my new favorite knitting method especially for colorwork, the snow flake hat may be moving to magic loop as soon as I have the right sized circular needles to do it with. This is a knit 2 pearl 3 hat in Caron Simply Soft Brites - Limelight.

So, I think thats all I've got going right now, keep checking back for updates and news about my knitting progress

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